No.   Training.   Required.
iBizFusion™ is a wholesale acceleration platform that can help you become much more organized and efficient, eliminate paperwork errors and shipping delays, and accelerate business growth across your entire daily operations by up to 20%. Without adding staff.  And with no user training required!

Our Story

iBizFusion™ was created to solve a common problem...

Our Founder was searching for a single software solution to make his wholesale distribution business much more organized and efficient – and allow for future growth without adding staff.

After extensive searching, however, he found all other wholesale distribution software was:

  • far too complex and confusing, often requiring extensive user training
  • over-priced, with extensive "nickel and diming" for required functions
  • and lacked many of the features that he envisioned

SO, he hired developers to create his own solution - and after ten years of development, user feedback, and continual improvement, we're now making that solution available as a SaaS solution for other wholesale distributors: iBizFusion™!

iBizFusion™ was developed BY users, FOR users, and fulfills our vision of wholesale distribution software that's extremely intuitive and easy-to-use, affordable, and all-inclusive!

To find out whether iBizFusion™ might also be helpful for YOUR wholesale distribution business, you can please contact us to schedule an introductory discussion / demonstration, or even sign up for a free trial!

We will welcome the opportunity to become your partner in success!